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Dentistry during Pregnancy

In her latest video post Dr. Angela Kearney talks about some of the myths which surround dental treatment during pregnancy.

It’s said that a woman looses a tooth for each child she gives birth to. It’s also said that women should not attend their dentist during pregnancy.

Both are myths.

In fact, it’s imperative to take good care of your dental health right through your pregnancy.

It’s common for pregnant women to notice their gums bleeding. This is due to the rise in hormones which makes teeth more sensitive to plaque deposits and it’s important to take good care of the gums for this reason.

As a general rule your dentist will carry out any routine dental work during your middle trimester, while emergency work is done in the early or late stages.

If you’re in pain an x-ray can be taken if necessary where a lead apron is used to protect the woman and her unborn baby. Elective x-rays and treatment will usually be left until after your baby is born.


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