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Mouthguards are an essential piece of kit for anyone engaging in a contact sport. It is a device which fits over the natural teeth to protect them against bangs and scrapes.

There are two main types of mouth guard: Stock mouth guards or “boil and bite” are available through most sports stores. These guards are softened in hot water and then adapted in the mouth to fit the teeth. The advantage of this guard is that they are readily and cheaply available. However their disadvantage is that the fit is often poor there by making it difficult to wear and often not offering much protection.

Custom made mouth guards are made by a dental technician specifically to fit your own teeth from a dental impression which is taken by your dentist. This type of guard is superior in terms of fit, comfort and protection to the teeth. It is a more expensive but significantly cheaper than repair to damaged teeth.

It is recommended that you take care of your mouth guard and wash it carefully under running water. It is also recommended to steep it regularly in either dilute Milton or with Sterident tabs. Put your name on your mouth guard for obvious reasons! (a custom made one will probably have you name on it already) and store it carefully for the next game!

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