Invisalign Orthodontic Treatments

Here at our practice we are passionate about giving our patients the most comprehensive range of treatment options to create their best possible smile. We have recently introduced Invisalign orthodontic treatment, which if necessary, can be combined with a small amount of cosmetic bonding to reshape one or more misshapen teeth to create the perfect smile.

Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic system created in the US whereby a treatment plan is computer generated from the dentist’s instructions and from a scan of impressions of the patients teeth. A set of clear aligners are then custom made for that patient which are changed weekly or fortnightly to gently move the teeth into a more aesthetically pleasing position.

Typically treatment times can vary from 6 months for simpler cases up to 18 months for more complex tooth movements. We are providing this service in conjunction with and the initial consultation is complimentary

Invisalign-Transforming your smile #1

CS1 Before.jpg


CS1 After.jpg


This 34 year old lady attended our practice in late 2018, unhappy with her smile and in particular her lower front teeth. After careful assessment and planning she was ready for the fit of her first aligner in January 2019. 


23 aligners and 8 months later her Invisalign treatment was finished.  A short course of home bleaching and some bonding onto the edges of her upper front teeth to recreate those nice even edges  has transformed her smile!”

Invisalign-Transforming your smile #2 





A young 23 year old gentleman came to us because he was unhappy with the appearance of his two upper front teeth and his crowded lower front teeth. He also had a small space at the top left and his upper and lower front teeth did not quite come together. After assessment for his suitability for Invisalign he started treatment in January 2019.

Just 10 months later after 34 aligners, some home bleaching and bonding, he really has something to smile about!

Invisalign-Transforming your smile #3 




This 22 year old gentleman was very concerned by the appearance of his front teeth which were uneven and difficult to clean. After an initial assessment we replaced some poor fillings and then embarked on a course of Invisalign which transformed his smile in just 11 months.

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