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Case Studies


Invisalign-Transforming your smile #1. 

CS1 Before.jpg


CS1 After.jpg


This 34 year old lady attended our practice in late 2018, unhappy with her smile and in particular her lower front teeth. After careful assessment and planning she was ready for the fit of her first aligner in January 2019. 


23 aligners and 8 months later her Invisalign treatment was finished.  A short course of home bleaching and some bonding onto the edges of her upper front teeth to recreate those nice even edges  has transformed her smile!”

Invisalign-Transforming your smile #2 





A young 23 year old gentleman came to us because he was unhappy with the appearance of his two upper front teeth and his crowded lower front teeth. He also had a small space at the top left and his upper and lower front teeth did not quite come together. After assessment for his suitability for Invisalign he started treatment in January 2019.

Just 10 months later after 34 aligners, some home bleaching and bonding, he really has something to smile about!

Invisalign-Transforming your smile #3 





This 22 year old gentleman was very concerned by the appearance of his front teeth which were uneven and difficult to clean. After an initial assessment we replaced some poor fillings and then embarked on a course of Invisalign which transformed his smile in just 11 months.

Cosmetic dentistry-improving your smile

CS2 Before.jpg


CS2 After.jpg


A lovely lady in her early 50’s attended our surgery looking to improve the appearance of her worn teeth. We took some x rays, impressions for study models and photographs. As her lower teeth were biting hard against the backs of her upper teeth they were causing a lot of wear and meant that there was no space to replace the missing portion of each tooth.

So we sent her models to the lab where they made us a model of how her the teeth might look if we added a little to the back teeth with nice new white fillings and placed new crowns on the front teeth.  After many visits to our hygienist to get gums in tip top condition, then to carry out root treatments and replace old damaged fillings we were ready to fit the crowns on the 6 front teeth and the result was worth all the hard work!

The benefits of Teeth Bleaching





A 33 year old female presented with a discoloured front tooth with which she has been unhappy for years. After discussing options she settled on bleaching. She had a custom bleach tray made at our practice and was instructed on placing bleach on the tooth and in the tray which she did every day for one week with a fantastic result! 


Not only does it look good but it is conservative as it did not necessitate removal of any tooth material as would be required for a crown or veneer and is considerably cheaper than crown or veneer.

The benefits of Crowns





A patient presented with a very discoloured upper front tooth. The upper left lateral incisor had an existing very poor root canal treatment and an amalgam filling in the back of the tooth.


A decision was made to re root treat the tooth. As the tooth was heavily filled and badly stained the restoration of choice was an all ceramic crown which was fitted 4 months after completing the root canal treatment.

Dental Trauma



Dental Trauma_After.png


An 8 year old girl broke her two front teeth in July 2013 as a result of a fall. Her parents retrieved the broken fragments and contacted my surgery immediately for consultation. Fortunately the breaks were through the enamel and dentin only leaving the pulps intact. This removed the need for complex root canal treatment.

Local anesthetic was administered as the teeth were quite sensitive, rubber dam placed around the teeth and the fragments reattached giving the patient an excellent aesthetic result.

Working wonders with Worn Teeth







Firstly it was established what the patient hoped to achieve, that he did not wish to have any extractions and most importantly his budget. A number of options were presented and it was finally agreed to root treat and rebuild the worn upper front and back teeth and to accept the lower teeth as they were in order to remain on budget. This was done with composite filling material with the help of the lab who made up a mould of the new tooth size and shape.


Once completed then impressions were taken to have new upper and lower chrome dentures made to fill the remaining spaces and provide stable back teeth to allow the patient to function more efficiently.

MIH- Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation





A 7 year old child presented with a decayed lower molar tooth. Mum was concerned as the patient was experiencing severe sensitivity and could not eat on the tooth. After the teeth were examined it was established that the tooth was not decayed but hypomineralised. The condition is known as Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation or (MIH). As the name suggests, this condition can affect the molars (the back teeth) and, or the incisors (the front teeth). It most commonly affects the Molars and more commonly the first permanent molar teeth, which appear in the mouth typically between 5 and 7 years of age.


Hypomineralisation means that the enamel or the tough outer layer of the tooth is hypo or under mineralised, which essentially means not properly formed and is in fact quite soft. Local anesthetic was administered because of the sensitivity, the rubber dam placed and the soft enamel was removed . The tooth restored and fissure sealed. There was in fact no tooth decay present. At review the sensitivity had resolved and the patient was eating comfortably on the tooth. This intervention has dramatically reduced the risk of tooth decay.

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