The ongoing Covid-19 restrictions and recommendations for dentistry have posed significant challenges for our surgery and all our patients. As a result of the pandemic, we have changed the way our practice operates and have implemented several extensive measures to help ensure your safety, while also striving to provide you with the best service possible.

We have introduced several and extensive cross infection control measures, including an increase in staff numbers, changes to our staff’s attire and the installation of a decontamination room. While these may appear daunting at first, we are providing a step-by-step guide to ease any apprehension a patient may have.

Our world has changed dramatically with the arrival of Covid 19 and so for the safety of both our patients and our staff we have made some significant changes to the way we are delivering our patient care. In order to do this, we would greatly appreciate your help with the following; 

  1. Please try to arrive for your appointment at the appointed time, as we are trying to manage numbers on the premises with as few people (ideally 2 max) in our waiting room at any one time. Alternatively, you may wish to remain in your car and call us at the main surgery number, 041 9846333. If we are ready to see you directly, you will be advised to come straight in.

  2. Please try to attend on your own. Leave your children and partner at home. Our premises are small, and we will have difficulty enforcing the 2m social distancing rule.

  3. Please do not bring luggage with you e.g. shopping bags or buggies. Walking and mobility aids are of course welcome. Small items such as keys and phones may be placed in a bag which you can hang up on hooks provided in the surgery.

  4. We would really appreciate it if you would wear a mask to the surgery. You may also like to wear a jumper or sweater as the surgery might be a little cool due to the air conditioning (we are wearing a lot of PPE!).

  5. When you arrive in surgery you will notice some changes to our procedures. You will be asked to use alcohol rub on your hands when you arrive and have your temperature recorded. You will also be asked to use a disinfectant mouth wash once in in the surgery.

  6. When you enter the surgery, our team will look a little different with full disposable gowns, face masks, goggles and face shields. Most items are disposable and discarded after each patient appointment.

  7. Appointments are also being scheduled a little differently to allow for better planning of treatment in advance and for a thorough disinfection of the surgery after each patient. We have hired more staff to assist with this and we have installed a decontamination room for the disinfection, sterilisation and storage of instruments.

  8. Due to the increased cost of delivering care, we have reviewed our fees and are no longer participating in DTSS (medical card). We are asking for a minimum €50 deposit on booking your appointment and the balance by card at the time of your visit. You may pay in full at the time of booking your appointment if you wish. We have also implemented a robust cancellation policy whereby we respectfully request 48 hours (working days) notice of your intention to cancel otherwise you will forfeit your deposit.

  9. We have introduced a new 45 minute emergency/urgent treatment appointment chargeable at €185 per appointment. This includes the cost of assessment, x ray and provision of emergency treatment at this visit (unless lab costs are chargeable additionally). No discount will be applied should treatment not be delivered. 60-minute appointments are chargeable at €220.

  10. Telephone and video consultations are available by appointment and are chargeable at €30-60.


We would like to thank all our patients for their support and cooperation at this time.


Angela and the team at 41 Fair Street, Drogheda.